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Can not authenticate my bot
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I have downloaded Pywikibot 2.0rc5, I have registered my bot, I have added my authetication codes to my

family = 'wikipedia'
mylang = 'ca'
usernames['wikipedia']['ca'] = u'VriuBot'
authenticate['*'] = ('<consumer_token>','<consumer_secret>', '<access_token>', '<access_secret>')

but it continues asking for my password:

WARNING: core_stable\pywikibot\ FamilyMaintenanceWarning: F
amily name wikimediachapter does not match family module name wikimedia
Password for user VriuBot on wikipedia:ca (no characters will be shown):

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I believe pywikibot 3 (master branch) is required for OAuth. On pywikibot 2 authenticate only meant HTTP authentication.

Solved updating to version 3.0-dev. Thanks.

Framawiki added a subscriber: Framawiki.

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