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Logging for AB testing recommender systems for CX Suggestions
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We want to run an AB test comparing recommender systems. Our metric for comparison is the fraction of accepted/published suggestions. Although we can already track when a suggestion is accepted and published, we need to add the following logging tables to run the test:

suggestions_schown: one log event per rendered suggestion
source language
target language
source title
rank: position in the list of suggestions at time of rendering

suggestion_actions: one log event for every interaction with a suggestion
action: remove, save, start
rank: position in the list of recommendations at time of click

Additionally, when a user starts translating a suggestion, store the suggestion_id in log.ContentTranslationCTA and wikishared.cx_translations.

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leila triaged this task as High priority.Jan 28 2017, 12:25 AM
schana added a subscriber: schana.

Will this logging be within CX?

It seems like this logging could be added to the existing schema, but it definitely would abuse the scope of a CTA. I'll provide two proposals: one that uses the existing schema and one with a new schema. I prefer the new schema since it provides a clear separation of concerns.

Using existing schema

  • Modify the [[ | ContentTranslationCTA]] schema
    • Add appropriate enum values to the action parameter
      • favorite when the user marks a suggestion as a favorite
      • discard when the user discards a suggestion
  • Modify the application
    • Add the following log events
      • suggestion shown
      • suggestion favorited
      • suggestion discarded
    • Add additional information to the cta
      • rank-{integer} the position a suggestion holds in a list of suggestions
      • id-{uuid} a unique identifier for a suggestion

Create a ContentTranslationSuggestion schema

  • Start with the ContentTranslationCTA schema
  • Remove cta
  • Change action enum
    • shown
    • accept
    • discard
    • favorite
  • Add suggestionId that will hold a uuid for keeping track of a suggestion
  • Add rank for what position a suggestion holds in the list of suggestions
  • Add type in accordance with the values present in the existing code
  • Add typeExtra for holding extra information associated with the suggestion type
    • This is where the info from what recommender was used would live (related_articles, morelike)

@Arrbee @santhosh What are your thoughts?

@ellery Would this data provide enough info for the metric?

I prefer the new schema since it provides a clear separation of concerns.

👍 New schema is better here

I've created the new schema and am going to start implementing the usage of it.

Change 337033 had a related patch set uploaded (by Nschaaf):
Add event logging for actions on suggestions

Added @Nikerabbit for attention. @schana Niklas will be reviewing this as Santhosh is on leave for the next few days. Please feel free to direct any comments or questions to him.

@Nikerabbit I've responded to your comment on the pull request. Let me know if I can be of further help.

Change 337033 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add event logging for actions on suggestions

@schana @leila, anything more needed from us for this ticket? Thanks.

There's nothing else on my end. Thanks for all the help!

Great! I am closing this ticket. If you think it needs to stay open, please feel free to reopen. Thanks.