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Enter does not always work to select first result when searching for items
Open, Needs TriagePublic


When entering a value for a statement, you can sometimes press enter to select the top result and save, other times you have to explicitly select the top result manually.

As far as I can tell from testing it, it only works if the text is a case insensitive exact match for the label of the top result. This seems oddly specific and makes it feel inconsistent because it's not immediately obvious why it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. For example, in English, entering "bay" and pressing enter will select the top result and save the statement even though there's lots of things with the same label and the top result is unlikely to be the item you want, whereas entering "US" and pressing enter will not do anything even though it's an exact match to one of the item's aliases and almost certainly is the item you want. If your search only gives one result (e.g. "Saaa"), you still have to explicitly select it before you can save.

It would be more intuitive and more useful (for me at least) if pressing enter always meant "select the top result and save".