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Mockup for FileImporter SpecialPage
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Mockup for the minimal version ( as of March 21 2017):

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UI-wise it depends on the functionality we want/can expose. Simplest would be showing the wikitext that gets imported, maybe with a possibility to correct it. More complex would be some sort of auto-matching of templates and other workflow optimizations. For these we would need some user research to be sure where to invest resources.

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For reference a very messy page can be seen below:

pasted_file (768×744 px, 173 KB)

It currently just shows some basic info and doesn't include any of the text / changes that might be needed to the text!

@Addshore : Thansk! I could tidy it a bit, if you think it makes sense – or wait a bit ’till it is more ready.

@Bmueller @Lea_WMDE @MichaelSchoenitzer_WMDE: I wonder if we need to include the template/wikitext. And if we are unsure about this, who with "import experience" we could ask.

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This happened, and the feature is deployed.