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Add something to allow reordering of Wikidata item statements
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Currently the only way of reordering statements and qualifiers (for example, to order values chronologically for each property) is to delete all the affected things and add them back again in the correct order. Having options to drag them around/move them up and down to rearrange them would be very useful.

(I'm not sure if properties have a sort order, aside from grouping of identifiers, but it seems random. I don't really know how that works.)

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One of the biggest hurdles I see in sv:Wikipedia to use WD driven Infoboxes is that occupations are presented in the infobox in the wrong order so we need this possibility to get better acceptance for using WD as the storage of facts

occupations are presented in the infobox in the wrong order

This is a problem of the infobox. Don't forget there is not only one possible order, so enforcing this order on Wikidata is nonsense.

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For properties we said we will not allow ordering per-item because it is way too much work and not really easy to keep consistent across all items. That is why they are sorted automatically based on one large ordered list of properties.
If we really need order then I think we need to figure out:

  • how are ranks and qualifiers playing together there
  • which qualifiers do we have that meaningfully imply an order
  • are there other things than rank and qualifiers that imply an order

The feedback I have seen from the hardcore Wikipedia people that never touch WD but has opinion about WD is

  • Occupations they would like to have in a specific order ==> the occupation they think is the "main" occupation should be first etc...

If this is what we want then some kind of ordering would be nice and building another datalayer in the Template in what order they should be displayed is bad design. Data should be in the datalayer even if it is in this case a mix of a display feature and "importance"... also should every template "invent the wheel"

BUT when I started to dig into this my feeling is that an Infobox should not contain everything so maybe a person with a "complex life" should not have 40 activities in the Infobox..... just zero/one is enough ==> ordering is less important...

The solution could be something I spoke with Navino Evans from Histropedia in Berlin in October that we could in the infobox have some kind of thumb of a Histropedia timeline or a link to a Histropedia timeline displaying occupations/and or important events in the life of a person on a Timeline.... see blog examples for SPARQL searches Leonardo da Vinci and August Strindberg

@Salgo I think showing the "main" occupation first is already sort of possible; Jimmy Carter (Q23685) uses preferred rank on his "important" occupations like politician and statesman, although personally I think nature of statement (P5102) could also used for manually flagging statements as important, like the CSS !important flag.

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