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For Tool Labs admins: Notice of heavy use of tool in the next month
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We'll be holding the annual 2017 steward elections and we'll be making heavy use of the tool from @Pathoschild.

I thought that giving a notice to the Tool Labs admins would be a good idea and maybe we could even have more usage-quota allocated to that tool.

Last year we had to verify 1,000+ accounts one or various times (the election commitee verify all voters again after the end of the election so the usage while the usage of the tool will be heavy during the elections, there will be an important rise when the election is completed so we're talking roughly about twice as the number of voters checks).


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@MarcoAurelio the intent here is very much appreciated. There isn't anything up front that I'm concerned about doing but we can keep this in mind as much as possible.

@chasemp Thanks. I wasn't even sure if I had to tell you here or in labs-l. In any case, it was just so you're informed that heavy use of the tool may be happening soon. If the note is appreciated I'll make sure to document that one has to inform Tool Labs admins for the next elections or events where that tool will be used heavily (POTY, Board elections, Steward elections, etc.). Regards.

Hello. SE17 are over so heavy use of this tool should not be a problem no more. Thanks.