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Create a config object for each extension/skin during registration
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It is possible to create a configuration object for each extension or skin during registration from their settings. It will be helpful for extensions to have an automatically generated config and that way, we'll be able to deprecate GlobalVarConfig.

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Change 335383 had a related patch set uploaded (by Cenarium):
Create config for each extension/skin during registration

They both would make it unnecessary for extensions to set ConfigRegistry, but T155154 suggests a GlobalVarConfig object while this one suggests a new LocalConfig object (see that would be based only on the extension's own settings and handle merging with local settings. Eventually, this aims to deprecate GlobalVarConfig, and do the same thing for core (achieving a separation of configs and the removal of configuration globals).

@Cenarium @Legoktm I think it is a pity that this isn't moving forward. Is there something we can do to make this happen? :)