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[EPIC] Define a high-level abstraction for frequently requested thumbnail sizes
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  • The sizes of thumbnails requested by projects maintained by Reading Web are standardised.
  • Those sizes are given meaningful, semantic names.
  • Small libraries are written that can convert the names to the associated thumbnail size.
    • ... and take into account UA and hardware capabilities, e.g. high-density displays are handled transparently.



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Is this something to be used in the apps too?

Is it a library? A specification for platforms to implement?

cc @Fjalapeno

This is something that I think would be useful across all of our Reading platforms.

Mentioned this in the other ticket, but I think this should be something in the API itself. Rather than us implementing it in an IOS SDK, a JS SDK, a Android SDK, etc…

T90914: Provide semantic wiki-configurable styles for media display does this, in a more general way which also captures other semantic properties of the image (like "is this a lead image", or "should this be displayed full-width", etc).

Sounds good to me. An interim solution for the current way of getting thumbnails/changing url sizes would be useful too I think.