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Implement an icon for patrolled pages that have maintenance tags in the New Pages Feed
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Rather than displaying the green "checked" icon, pages that have had maintenance tags added when they were patrolled should have their own (orange?) icon. This will allow admins to more easily monitor the quality of patrolling.


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What does "Medium-Term Interest on the Collaboration-Team-Triage board." mean?

@Kudpung: I'd say that the Collaboration-Team currently has no near-term capacity to look into this due to other commitments, and would like to look at it at some point? :) For general questions about the Collaboration Team's use of terms which are not specific about this task, feel free to contact the team. Thanks.

To save looking it up, the full text of this request is:
Pages that have been tagged for maintenance issues (but not for deletion) and are otherwise just acceptable for inclusion, should be shown not with the green 'checked' icon, but with an orange blob that contains a capital T. It should be obvious that this would enable admins who are patrolling the quality of the patrollers themselves rather than new pages, can immediately revert any tags that have been inappropriately or erroneously applied, and replace them with correct ones or use the 'unreview button' which should then send the 'unreviewed' message automatically to the patroler, using a dropdown list of canned reasons

I tried to figure out how this could be done, but ran out of time after a few hours. But, for whomever works on this, a potential implementation is, similar to ArticleCompileDeletionTag.php, also compile maintenance tags, and then use the current icon logic (shown below, retrieved from ext.pageTriage.listItem.underscore) to include a case for maintenance tags.

<div class="mwe-pt-status-icon">
	<% if ( is_draft ) { %>
		<img src="<%- mw.config.get( 'wgExtensionAssetsPath' ) + '/PageTriage/modules/ext.pageTriage.views.list/images/icon_not_reviewed.png' %>" width="21" height="21" />
	<% } else if ( afd_status == "1" || blp_prod_status == "1" || csd_status == "1" || prod_status == "1" ) { %>
		<img src="<%- mw.config.get( 'wgExtensionAssetsPath' ) + '/PageTriage/modules/ext.pageTriage.views.list/images/icon_marked_for_deletion.png' %>" width="21" height="21" />
	<% } else if ( patrol_status != "0" ) { %>
		<img src="<%- mw.config.get( 'wgExtensionAssetsPath' ) + '/PageTriage/modules/ext.pageTriage.views.list/images/icon_reviewed.png' %>" width="21" height="21" />
	<% } else { %>
		<img src="<%- mw.config.get( 'wgExtensionAssetsPath' ) + '/PageTriage/modules/ext.pageTriage.views.list/images/icon_not_reviewed.png' %>" width="21" height="21" />
	<% } %>