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Expose all useful file metadata currently in API to search engine
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A recent topic appeared on Extension talk:CirrusSearch. The suggestion is to expose file metadata already available via the API to the search engine.

Suggested fields:

  • Video or audio of a certain "playtime"
  • Framecount
  • Looped images
  • Duration
  • Frame rate,
  • creation date

The example use case given: "The usecases are numerous, for instance for writing an article about world war one, one may want to filter images from that period. When looking for videos to add to a page one may want short animations to showcase the concept, e.g. a moving hurricane , and not be interested in very long videos. The same applies to animated images because in some cases they illustrate the concept better than others, and in some cases they don't, so it might be good to filter those either way."

Also mentioned were fields from the Commons Metadata API

  • GPSLatitude - latitude
  • GPSLongitude - longitude
  • LicenseShortName - short human-readable license name
  • LicenseUrl
  • DateTimeOriginal

Related: T150809: Expose EXIF data to search engine

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We cannot support arbitrary key/value pairs because that's now how the Elasticsearch data model work. So, supporting all the data currently contained in imageprop is not feasible.

That said, If there is a specific list of things that are requested to be supported, then we can consider those. As it stands, there is only a "set of suggestions" rather than a "we want these specific things", so it's hard to action that.

@Liuxinyu970226 Thanks for tagging this for inclusion in Tech News! It'd be great to get input from that.

I want to note here that my early assessment of task priority above doesn't mean we'll necessarily be able to drop all our ongoing work to do this task when some input is provided. Of course, constructive input is always valued, and will be very useful when this task eventually gets worked on. :-)

Was there any feedback from the 'recently announced' announcement? If so, were there a set of specific things to be added?

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In practice, this is unlikely to be worked on soon, because any solution would be a special case which is later undone by SDC General. So this needs to wait for that.

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