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Add text formatting options to Flow visual mode (especially Quote)
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The Flow visual mode has very limited text styling -— just Bold and Italic. Including more ways to style text would make communication between users more effective. At a minimum, I'd like to see:

  • Bullet list
  • Indents
  • Something akin to Phabricator's Quote style (maybe a Block Quote option)?

A number of these tools are part of the standard Visual Editor menu, and could be achieved by simply adopting that. (There must be a reason why it wasn't adopted...).

But the Quote tools is not in Visual Editor, and may be a function uniquely suitable and useful in discussions. Phbaricator users know this well, since Quoted remarks are ubiquitous in these tickets. This is undoubtedly the case because people discussing back and forth in a linear format have a constant need to reference each others' comments. The Quote tool makes such quoting easier both for the writer to accomplish and for the reader to understand.