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[Spike 1hr] What technical problems do we need to fix from mobilefrontend
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I'm not sure why this task has been assigned to me.

@bmansurov - I split up the main spike into subtasks for each engineer for visibility and so it's easier to track stuff. T156259: [Spike 1hr] What technical problems do we need to fix from mobilefrontend - ENG is still unassigned - whoever picks that up will be responsible for putting all the things together in a single document, etc

Thanks for clarifying. I thought this was the main task as it's worded similarly.

Tech debt

  • We have 229 FIXMEs across 96 files.
    • Solution: Everyone fixes 5 FIXME's every sprint.
  • We haven't been able to tackle debt well. For example, we started using mustache about two years ago but we still haven't fully managed to migrate PHP code that generates HTML into using mustache. Another example, we started getting rid of SkinMinervaBeta.php but never finished as our priorities have shifted. These things add up and now our efforts to clean-up tech debt resulted in tech-debt itself. Tech-debt within tech-debt clean-up.
    • Solution: We should finish working on an epic before tackling another one.
  • Minerva, Mobile mode, and Mobile view API are tangled.
    • Solution: Set aside time to work on untangling these things. Make this a quarterly goal.

No clear development styles

  • In some places we do progressive enhancement (i.e. search), in others graceful degradation (i.e. hacks for opera mini). Sometimes we don't do either (i.e. watchstar).
    • Solution: Developers agree on one style.
  • Front-end resources are not organized well. Separation between and is not clear.
    • Solution: Developers come to a commmon understanding on how to fix this mess.

No clear product

  • Is Minerva for desktop a thing? Or are we only concerned about Minerva on mobile devices?
    • Solution: Define our target audience. If we don't care about Minerva in desktop, we shouldn't spend time discussing issues related to it.
  • What is the purpose of the beta mode? Are all new features enabled in beta automatically or not? What purpose does it serve for testing new features?
    • Solution: Since we've moved towards feature flagging, we should probably get rid of the beta mode. PO makes a decision.
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