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Merge action=compare into prop=revisions
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There does not seem to be much purpose for action=compare to exist: it does the same thing the diff options do for prop=revisions, just with less options. The only thing prop=revisions can't do out of the box is to compare two pages without knowing their revision id, but if that's actually useful, we should just add difftotitle/difftopageid as options to revisions. compare should be deprecated and eventually removed.

Event Timeline|query+revisions

The api action=compare is equivalent to web UI Special:ComparePages

This action makes it clear, that you have (normally) do one request to get one diff

Was added with T29185

I'd actually rather go the other way and remove diffing from prop=revisions. The parameters for diffing in prop=revisions work strangely if you're not fetching a single revision, and it'll probably get more confusing when we try to make T30047 work.