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JS function getElementsByClassName() should not be deprecated and overriden
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In wikibits.js, the function getElementsByClassName() is marked as deprecated.
But it shouldn't be, because nowadays it is a native browser function. (MDN reference)

And most importantly, the function is overriden and always return an empty array.

mw.log.deprecate( win, 'getElementsByClassName', function () { return []; }, msg );

Because of this, many edits I recently made are broken!

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I'm a bit confused. wikibits.js is deprecating window.getElementsByClassName(), while your MDN link is about document.getElementsByClassName(). Aren't those different?

Od1n added a comment.Feb 4 2017, 7:38 AM

Mmmm, that's a very good point. I didn't notice it.


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Od1n added a comment.EditedFeb 4 2017, 7:45 AM

I'm pretty sure previously I got similarly mistaken.

Maybe a little comment in the wikibits.js file would be worth it.