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Redirects listed as queued transcodes
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ZOMG, i see quite a lot of disruptive activity on those files... And it seems this is not the only file that this happened to... @Revent can you explain what happened there ? Just want to make sure I get a better understanding of what happened there.

Also wonder if someone thought about checking if any of those files had subtitles that would have to be moved separately. T122038: Moving/Deleting a video file does not move/delete subtitles files, nor does it inform the file mover of their existence

@TheDJ Steinsplitter had moved a 'large' number of videos from .ogg to .ogv, and for these two there were entries left in the transcode table for the redirects. Back when I had started working on cleaning up the many transcode issues months ago, there were many such files..., it seemed to be because the file was moved 'while' it had running transcodes, and those transcodes then errored out because the file no longer existed, or because the file was deleted while it was still running.

I'd gotten rid of the bogus entries either by simply moving the file back briefly, and then putting it back where it belonged, or undeleting the file and then redeleting it. I was attempiting to see if either of those methods, or something similar, would fix these. It didn't.

Thanks for clarifying @Revent. Will add some new tickets based on that information later.

@TheDJ See the hits of The first 40 or so are similar issues (transcodes of redirects that won't go away). That list had originally had, IIRC, about a thousand, but the vast majority were, like I said, 'easily fixable'. I haven't looked at the ones that showed up on it since Dispenser reset everything.