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Special:Log should display all logs a user has the rights to see (instead of only public logs)
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Steps to reproduce

  • Log in using an account which has some extra user rights (e.g. titleblacklistlog, spamblacklistlog)
  • Open the history of a random page
  • Click on "View logs for this page"

Actual result
Only "public" logs are displayed at
The user has to check separately each of the "non-public" logs, e.g.:

(and there is also the problem from T21494: Abuse Filter log should appear in Special:Log and work like other logs)

Expected result
For convenience, all logs related to that page, that the user has the rights to see, should be displayed in the same list.

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He7d3r created this task.Feb 5 2017, 1:22 PM
Restricted Application added a subscriber: Aklapper. · View Herald TranscriptFeb 5 2017, 1:22 PM
Florian added a subscriber: Florian.Mar 2 2017, 5:45 PM

Hmm, this is already possible, at least for me locally?

@He7d3r: Is this a request for an "All (private and public) logs" item in the dropdown? Could you clarify?

I am seeing the same result as Florian on

Yes, that. From the description:

For convenience, all logs related to that page, that the user has the rights to see, should be displayed in the same list.

Ok, I think I now get the point, however, I probably just can't reproduce it. I created a page, TestIndex, and saved it. Then I created a new AbuseFilter, which prevents any edit (action = "edit"). I logged out and tried to edit the page "TestIndex", which was prevented by AbuseFilter. I then logged in again (as sysop) and looked at the pages history, clicked on "Show logs for this page" and the page navigated to Special:Logs with the page name as the target. Now, even if I select the AbuseFilter log, I can't see any log entry, as the target is not the page, which triggered the filter.

However, if I open "Special:Log" directly, I can see all log entries, even the ones from AbuseFilter, in one list, when I select the "All" logs option.

So, probably someone has to explain it to me. I really want to get this task fixed :)

Xeriphas1994 added a subscriber: Xeriphas1994.EditedJun 24 2017, 4:55 PM

Hello, I think the above comments conflate two issues.

Bug: Log names are not listed in the drop-down, and/or public logs are not invoked by "Show logs for this page".

Feature request: User should be able to view a combined feed across all namespaces including every log type for which they have permission (Aklapper's comment).

The latter would be startlingly helpful to admins on small public wikis, such as myself. At times I am the only active user besides bots and spammers, and I must refresh many logs again and again to stay current: is anyone hitting the edit filters? the blacklists? did someone else just checkuser this obstreperous account, therefore I need not do so per the privacy policy? The proposed change would condense eight tabs into one IIRC (even more the next time we upgrade MediaWiki).

I suppose the default display would stay unchanged for the benefit of WMF projects, where the typical human user is already overwhelmed by the high volume.

I realize this would take some effort per T21494 and others, because not all logs have identical database fields, but the above seems to make an obvious use case in every low-traffic installation lacking an ops staff (whose power users have never heard of Phabricator or development cycles). IOW the silent majority supports me 100%. :D

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