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User/file-names containing _ breaks notebook imports
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Trying to do the import below, it breaks because _ is interpreted as a space and then url encoded into:

while the expected url is the following:

import paws.Abbe98_Bot.geo

This does also applies to underscores in filenames.

Also some usernames are incompatible with Python, by for example containing parentheses.

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@yuvipanda I tracked this down to the following line in the ipynb-paws repository:

url_segment = '/'.join([s.replace('_', ' ') for s in parts]) + '.ipynb?format=raw'

What's the reason for the replacement of underscores?

Abbe98 renamed this task from Some usernames breaks notebook imports to User/file-names containing _ breaks notebook imports.Feb 6 2017, 10:29 PM
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Including this change in the rebuilt cluster to see how it goes.

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This should now be fixed. On the other hand, there are many illegal characters in python imports that are likely to not work still. Something to mess with one day.