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Hey everyone,

when selecting the "single column" option, no further information is shown, both on dewiki and on mediawiki and on meta. That's how it's supposed to be.
(I wrote a mail about this the other day where I described that there was still text showing - apparently that's solved now.)

But after downloading a "two column" PDF, the old text is still showing. The problem exists on dewiki, mediawiki and meta. This is the current text:

  • DE: Derzeit enthalten einige Dokumente keine Tabellen. Eine Alternative könnte die Verwendung von Druckversion sein, „Drucken“ im Browsermenü auswählen und die Option „Als PDF speichern“ verwenden.
  • EN: Currently some documents do not contain tables. An alternative may be to use the Printable version, select "Print" in the browser menu, and use the "Save as PDF" option.

Since we now have Electron, we should be referring to this option, not to "printable version".

Suggestion for the new text (thanks, Jan!):

  • DE: Die Layout-Option "Zwei Spalten" erstellt Dokumente ohne Tabellen. Für PDFs mit Tabellen kann die Option "Eine Spalte" genutzt werden."
  • EN: Documents made with the layout option "two column" do not contain tables. To generate PDFs with tables, use the layout option "single column".

What do you think?


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Change 340103 had a related patch set uploaded (by Andrew-WMDE):
Change text "Rendering finished"

Some thoughts and questions here:

Currently the hint about tables is part of the Collection extension code ( as a message and its a translations ) and can be switched on and off via a setting in the LocalSettings.php. The new / updated hint should only show, when the ElectronPdfService extension is active.

How we could address the issue:

  • Let the Collection extension check if the ElectronPdfService extension is installed and show another hint. -> Would make the Collection extension know about ElectronPdfService.
  • Introduce a Hook in the Collection Extension to let other extensions influence the messages there.
  • Ignore the issue for now. When the ElectronPdfService is deployed everywhere we just change the text of the message.

Ok the easy solution here seems to be just removing the hint with the tables on the wikis where the ElectronPdfService is deployed.

On wikis where the service is deployed, the user has to go past the page where he has to choose between the 1col pdf and 2col pdf option. On that page a hint is already included, that tables do not work with the 2col solution. So we do not necessarily need to repeat that on the Collection extension page on these wikis.

Change 340103 abandoned by Andrew-WMDE:
Change text "Rendering finished"

Change 341137 had a related patch set uploaded (by addshore):
[mediawiki/extensions/Collection] Don't show rdf2latex table hint after rendering with ElectronPdfService

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Change 341137 abandoned by Addshore:
Don't show rdf2latex table hint after rendering with ElectronPdfService

With feedback from the PM, this should be done best by using the setting for the hint in the LocalSettings.

Change 341992 had a related patch set uploaded (by Andrew-WMDE):
[operations/mediawiki-config] Don't show rdf2latex table hint with ElectronPdfService enabled

Change 341992 merged by jenkins-bot:
[operations/mediawiki-config] Don't show rdf2latex table hint with ElectronPdfService enabled

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