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Create webhook to deploy new content
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Create webhook in github ( that invokes polling in Jenkins (T167096) and hence runs the deployment job to the respective instance(s) when a branch is changed.


  • Jenkins has necessary permission (keys) to deploy to fundraising_frontend_test, fundraising_frontend_production
  • webhook endpoint uses key/token AC removed as event merely causes polling which can do little harm even when from fake actor
  • content gets deployed to fundraising_frontend_test (test branch), fundraising_frontend_production (production branch) respectively
  • email notification is sent - Receiver list will be looked at during "Editing content" meeting on July 04

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Github webhook now uses SSL Verification against our Endpoint

@gabriel-wmde @kai.nissen Two questions:

  • there is the AC "webhook endpoint uses key/token", but given how the plugin works I think this can be skipped. The ping will only cause a polling (git ls-remote) - if no change is detected this is it. Do you share the opinion that this is not a sufficient attack vector to warrant creation of another secret that has to be managed?
  • looks like we can start to get serious about this - what would be the correct receiver list for our deployment emails (incl non-tech people)?
  • For the time being, I'd be ok with not using a token. Would it be possible to ignore requests from non-github-IPs?
  • So far, we don't have a mailing list for that. Let's find that who wants to be on it at the introduction for the FR team.


  • In my eyes, using IPs for auth purposes in this day and age is a Bad Idea™. If you do think there is an attack vector we should address, then let's do it by actual security, using a secret - I just don't think it's necessary
  • ok. Is this story done despite the incomplete receiver list?
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