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Create branch structure in Content Repo
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  1. Create branches test(test) and master(production).
  2. Make master the default branch
  3. Activate branch protection for master.

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Pablo-WMDE renamed this task from Create branch structure in Repo to Create branch structure in Content Repo.Apr 12 2017, 12:55 PM

Created the test branch and protected the master branch.

@Pablo-WMDE Not sure why you changed the description for the master branch from test to master. I think test makes more sense from the perspective of the workflow of the fundraising team: They open the page in Github and see the test branch because it's the default (no need to switch branches). They make direct edits to test. The changes are reflected after some seconds in the test environment, where they can see the result of their work. When they're satisfied, they merge test into master.
Having the master branch as the default means they will accidentally create feature branches and pull requests for master.
What was your thinking behind specifying master as default?

I believe these changes were created together during story time, don't remember the individual arguments, but believe we can agree on the following principles:

  • production content should be protected (no direct edits)
  • using github as the editing UI, the default branch should point to test, so edits become visible there directly

If we do not insist the traditional VCS/git branch "master" name, we can just call the "branches" like the stages they are used on, "test" and "prod", and let "test" be the default one... (pretty much like the description before the change, but w/o "stage")

created production and test, test is the default branch, production is protected.

Set up test and production frontend servers to track the appropriate branch (until T157575 is finished)

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