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Check that we can take servers out of the maps pool
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Check that we can take servers out of the maps pool.

We will need to take one server out initially, test, take another out, switch over, test, then switch the other two over.

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Hi @Gehel - is this something we would want to test in our current capacity?

The scenario for deploying vector tiles requires us to do some dance with current servers. The refactoring of our puppet code (T167871) will make it easier to do this dance. So technically, we have (or will have) all the pieces necessary to do this, but we have not tested it yet. The testing can be done as part of the reimage of the maps-test (I don't think we have a phab task yet about this, but this reimage is something we should do at some point anyway).

debt lowered the priority of this task from Medium to Low.Jun 14 2017, 5:12 PM

Ok, I'll keep it in the sprint board backlog for now, so that when / if we get a chance to re-image the maps-test servers, we should see this as a reminder.

After further chatting with @Gehel, we've decided to close this ticket.