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"Attracted Developers" widget in "Demographics" panel unexpectedly lists "old" developers
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(Jesus and I found this bug last weekend; logging here so I don't forget.)


  1. Go to
  2. Click "Last 2 years" in upper corner
  3. Click "Relative", choose "From: 20 years ago; To: Now", click "Go"
  4. In the "Attracted Developers" widget, click the last month (January 2017; "Attracted Developers: 23").
  5. ("author_min_date: "Jan 1st 2017 to Jan 31st 2017"" filter is added.)
  6. In the "Last Attracted Developers" widget, click the list item "Bartosz Dziewonski (matmarex)".
  7. ("author_name: "Bartosz Dziewonski (matmarex)"" filter is added.)
  8. Un-apply the first of the two filters (author_min_date) to see all of Bartosz' contributions.

As Bartosz was listed as one of the "last attracted developers" I'd expect that there are no "older" contributions by Bartosz.

"Attracted Developers" widget shows that Bartosz was active in Sep 2012, Aug 2013, Sep 2014, and Jan 2017:

mx.png (702×1 px, 43 KB)

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I had an (incorrect) suspicion that developers count as "attracted" (new) when they use a different email address that they had not used before.
Regarding the specific example above, in git commit 73b7a9c84c297f4807b792c29851c3f1ffada139 on 2017-01-27 I merged
"id": "6ffe28ca23acc58706f423d9bf4faf261138440e" which has "source": "wikimedia:scm" into
"id": "01902f9037493fa08ba374e5cf063e1e92398a9a".
However the latter id already included that email address for "source": "wikimedia:scm", so that's not an explanation...

Aklapper claimed this task.

Cannot reproduce anymore since T157898#3124564 (yay!) hence closing.

Potentially related followup issues to be handled in different places (like T161211).