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Switch Kartotherian back to upstream xmldoc
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Right now, kartotherian/module-loader uses Yuri's fork at - however, the issue (CDATA support) that he forked it for appears to have been resolved in upstream too, so we should de-fork.

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debt added a subscriber: debt.

Moving off the sprint board - the Discovery team won't be able to do this work at this time.

I've started poking at this and it will be at least a bit of work. But before starting that: do we still need an XML loading affordance, now that we've moved to loading sources and styles from YAML?

We still have XmlLoader, so as long as we have that we need to keep using xmldoc, so we're keeping this open.

Mholloway claimed this task.

The xmldoc dep was dropped in favor of libxmljs in T177019.