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Articles are not getting into categories
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For other troubleshooting (see) I emptied the jobs table, and then edited one article to put it into a category. A "RefreshLinksPrioritized" job appeared in the jobs table. Ran runJobs, and the line doesn't disappear. Also, the article doesn't show up in the Category. api.php?action=query&meta=siteinfo&siprop=statistics&format=jsonfm lists 0 Jobs but the table still has the job.

Running refreshLinks, then runJobs.php. That makes the article appear in the category, but now I have >500 jobs left in the queue again.

I should not have to run refreshLinks manually, or scheduled, right?

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This might be fixed. I updated SMW to the newest version and my jobs queue empties properly now. Don't know what I need to do to clear this out of Phabricator.

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I guess that this has been solved because you also updated MediaWiki to 1.28.1, which includes T142751: Turn $wgRunJobsAsync off by default.

Actually, mediawiki is still at 1.28