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correct language name "nederlandsk" for language code "nl" in Danish, add to LocalNamesDa
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Internally, Wikibase uses Language: fetchLanguageName which in turn uses Language: fetchLanguageNamesUncached ...which loads language names from various sources. Every time an item is loaded from Wikidata, it will place a fallback language behind the label if it is not available in the current language.

The idea is to add "nederlandsk" to LocalNamesDa

Wikidata project chat notice at

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@Rodejong: Hi! You assigned this task to yourself a while ago. Could you maybe share a status update? Are you still working (or still plan to work) on this task?
If you do not plan to work on this task anymore, please remove yourself as assignee (via Add Action...Assign / Claim in the dropdown menu) so in theory, others could work on it. Thanks!

I would have liked to, to continue. But due differences of opinion, the Danish Wikipedia colleagues have worked against almost everything, and finally banned me outright, as well as the admin who supported me. So eventhough I would like to, I can't.
For the Danish Wikipedia people it's more important to keep things as they were, as "we always have done." It's the Danish culture, to go against everything progressive. So I will resign this project, but I hope that someone else will take this up, as Holland is not the country, which it isn't in any of the other Scandinavian languages either.

Kind regards,
Robert de Jong

Uhm, I am sorry to hear that. :( Thanks for the quick reply here.

I suppose we could change this internally, without going through CLDR.

I asked on da-project chat for input

It seems there is no interest in the question. I suggest we align the name in MediaWiki with the label of the item/article title in Wikipedia.

@Amire80 @jhsoby ok for langco?

Esc3300 renamed this task from "hollandsk" to "nederlandsk" to display "nederlandsk" in Danish for nl (add to overwrites).Jun 10 2021, 9:17 AM
Esc3300 updated the task description. (Show Details)
Esc3300 set Due Date to Jun 24 2021, 12:00 AM.Jun 11 2021, 5:29 AM

LocalNames/LocalNamesDa.php hasn't been created yet

LocalNames/LocalNamesDa.php hasn't been created yet

That's no issue. It can be created when needed.

Esc3300 raised the priority of this task from Low to Medium.Jun 21 2021, 7:41 AM
Esc3300 changed Due Date from Jun 24 2021, 12:00 AM to Jun 28 2021, 12:00 AM.
Esc3300 added a project: patch-welcome.
Esc3300 removed subscribers: jhsoby, Amire80.

seems to be ready to go. I add the usual one week for patches as "due date".

seems to be ready to go. I add the usual one week for patches as "due date".

Based on what is it ready to go? I don't see LangCom approval.

Based on T285076#7164202 . Seems I asked them by error.

seems to be ready to go. I add the usual one week for patches as "due date".

@Esc3300: Please do not set Due Dates if you do not plan to work on this. Thanks.

Change 701674 had a related patch set uploaded (by Mbch331; author: Mbch331):

[mediawiki/extensions/cldr@master] Change Danish label for language code da

@Esc3300 My patch was denied for 2 reasons:

  1. I used da instead of nl (which has been fixed)
  2. There is not enough proof of consensus in this task (this is something I can't fix.

It seems to have moved ahead since. The proposal supported by two users was unopposed for three weeks on Wikidata Project Chat and it's consistent with Wikipedia and Wikidata items.

Maybe we should ask is there an argument in favor or consensus to keep displaying the other string?

@Lydia_Pintscher It's a LocalNames update, similar to the review done for T281702 (these are mostly used by Wikidata, which is why people complain here about them). Can we re-add ?

Esc3300 renamed this task from display "nederlandsk" in Danish for nl (add to overwrites) to correct language name "nederlandsk" for language code "nl" in Danish, add to LocalNamesDa.Jul 2 2021, 10:57 AM

@Raymond would you have a look?

Technically OK but as I do not speak Danish I do not feel very comfortable to submit this patch.

Me neither, but the request is consistent with Wikidata and dawiki article (since 2003?), accordingly I support it.

Nikerabbit changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Sep 10 2021, 6:53 AM
Nikerabbit subscribed.

Do note that this change affects all projects (Wikimedia and beyond), not just Wikidata. The link to Wikidata thread is broken, and I think it should also be asked from other Wikimedia projects.

I think it needs ?uselang=en for the link to work if you are logged-in and not using English. It's still on the linked project chat page.

Wikidata uses that language name in millions of pages for Danish language users, so it's an important, if not only, user of the language name.

I suppose I could ask on Commons as well (some templates may use it), but I'm not sure where they would usually discuss it there (if they actually do). Can you point me to the page?

Any other projects making use of the language name?

Esc3300 changed the task status from Stalled to Open.Sep 19 2021, 6:07 PM

It's used everywhere, starting from the ULS language selector.

Change 701674 abandoned by Nikerabbit:

[mediawiki/extensions/cldr@master] Change Danish label for language code nl


Can be restored when there is sufficient consensus on the task