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Special:Whatlinkshere filters wrong - after paginating instead of before
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r33163 added filter behavior to [[Special:Whatlinkshere]] according to bug 6934 however it doesn't have correct behavior.


  • There are 80 links to page X, it's included in 3 pages and there are 5 redirects.
  • The default view is 50 items per page.
  • Includes and redirects are on the second page. (>50)
  • Now if I click on first page to hide links, I'll get empty page instead of those 3 inclusions and 5 redirects. I have to click "50 next" to get them. On the first sight it looks like there are no inclusions or redirects to such page until one realizes the must of going to next page.

The filter should not filter such page of records but entire list and paginate it after.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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