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Investigate updating sister search demo with feedback
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We received some good feedback points to consider from @JGirault:

  • Sidebar links appear in black instead of blue. (see T158935)
    • Currently users may not identify there are clickable links on the sidebar.
  • The text (more) is ambiguous.
    • Plus is there a reason to have parenthesis around the word more? I suggest replacing it with See more, Load more, or See all. Generally I like to see a verb that describes an action.
  • Have a faster understanding of the presentation of results.
    • Users can read Create the page "~ogg" on this wiki! See also the search results found.. They see a list of results below, and now they can read Sister projects on the right with some more results.
  • It feels like the user is thrown a bunch of results and now he has work to do in order to sort them out. I would like the UI to guide the user through these results more. I'm an advocate of Less is more, and less cluttered user interfaces in general.
    • In regard to this, I believe the presentation of the sister project results introduced with this test is actually good (particularly for a first test). However, the overall experience is negatively impacted by the presentation of the wiki results on the left. In other words, we need to simplify the existing UI first in order to get the (most) benefits of the great new features we introduce aside.
  • I would like to try having a similar heading title as Sister projects on the left, saying something like: Results found on this wiki. In contrast, try replacing Sister projects with Results from sister projects..
    • I'd love us to find a more accurate, more descriptive label than sister projects.
  • The list of results on the left looks cluttered in contrast with the combination of white space + cards with darker background on the right, thus the eyes are running away from the cluttered area as they are attracted by the cleaner right side.
    • I think this is counterproductive, because the primary list of results is the left list. I believe this is where we want the user to first look at, before paying attention to the secondary list of results.
    • Is it a sidebar? It seems to be a sidebar, try to make it look like an actual sidebar.

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We've incorporated much of this feedback into other tickets, closing this out.