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Request ownership for extension CategoryWatch
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We have used the extension CategoryWatch for more than 8 year for our internal wiki in OPS (Ontario Public Service). Our users have used to receive email notification about membership changes in any watched category. After we upgraded our wiki to MediaWiki version 1.28.0. We have lost this widely used feature. We have been rquested by many our users to have the email notification back.

As far as I know the issue is the new MediaWiki has removed many deprecated functions, which are used by the CategoryWatch extension. It could be a simple fix by replacing those removed functions with alternative functions.

My intention here is to fix this extension and share with the community.



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Thanks for your request. However, I haven't found a repository named "CategoryWatch" in our git repositories ( I assume you mean this extension on, which is marked as unmaintained.

If so, you've multiple possibilities now:

  1. Use the CatWatch feature: (I'm not sure, if it also supports sending an e-mail :/)
  2. fork the original code on github ( and develop there
  3. Request a new repository for the CategoryWatch extension in Wikimedia Gerrit, please follow this process: (as this extension is unmaintained sinde 2011 and was released under the GPL, I think there's no separate permission needed (except mentioning the original author and code))

However, in this task we can, unfortunately, nothing do for you :(

I hope that you find the best solution for you and that we see one more actively developed and maintained extension for MediaWiki!


Florian is correct, but let me add that of course we're happier if you choose 3. Then, if someone in 6 more years files a task like this, we can help them. :)