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Coordinates and links in sidebar should only update per user decision
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Another major concern mentioned by Russian Wikipedia users due to T154878 is that every zoom changes coordinates of the map in the sidebar and links to specific map services. Some users in RuWP consider this behaviour inconsistent and misleading, considering that <maplink> was open in specific location and even zooming in changes that.

Maybe Maps team could do so that changing coordinates is still present, but can be made only by e. g. clicking on some button? I can understand that constant changing of coordinates and links in sidebar section could be rather annoying for users.

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I think this can be resolved with T132658, that discusses the introduction of a "Reset to initial position" button.

In my opinion, keeping the coordinates + links of the sidebar in sync with the map is a good thing, but what's clearly missing to me is a way to reset the map to its initial position after interacting with it, initial position as defined by the article.

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