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Replace or delete labs instance mediahandler-tests-static
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The labs instance 'mediahandler-tests-static' in the 'mediahandler-tests' project is running Ubuntu Precise. As of 2017-03-31, Precise will no longer be supported on the Labs cluster, so this instance needs to be deleted, upgraded, or replaced with a Jessie or Trusty instance.

The Labs team stands at the ready to assist. Please let us know what we can do to help.

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Emailed both project admins on 2017-02-22.

Bawolff added a subscriber: Bawolff.

I have no idea what that project is. I don't believe I had any involvement with that project at any point in time. With that in mind I'd like to unassign from self

I'm doubtful that the project is actually being used...

I will upgrade <s>the project soon.</s> move the data to a fresh instance, soon.

BTW, it serves the <s>Chemical Markup Editor</s> SVG Editor of

Contents have been migrated to the new instance static2. Old one (mediahandler-tests-static) still in place in case forgot something; can be safely deleted at the deadline. Sorry for the long delay; I am reading my E-Mail and from the deadline I judged I could queue this for now to happen. Thanks for trying so hard to reach me and sorry again.