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Create a special page to handle additions/removals and logging of spam blacklist entries
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Author: mike.lifeguard+bugs

Instead of using a wiki page with a particular format, please create a special page to manage the spam blacklist. An inputbox for the regex, and an inputbox for the comment, and log all additions. For removals, some way of looking up and/or listing the regexes is needed. Allowing a user to enter a string and return all regexes which match it would be a very nice feature.

Removals should be logged with a comment. Ideally, multiple removals should be possible simultaneously by listing all regexes, or a subset, and hitting some checkboxes; then "remove all" with a single comment. Adding multiple regexes simultaneously would be nice too, but I can't think of any way to do that other than multiple inputboxes (not good) or entering one per into a textbox.

Currently the spam blacklist at meta is becoming quite large, as is the log of removals and additions. Large pages like that are difficult to search and/or edit effectively (load time is also becoming an issue), and automated logging would reduce the workload of those who maintain the blacklist considerably, as well as making it easier for users unfamiliar with the system to find entries and the reasoning for them.

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