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Metrics: TwoColumnEditConflictMerge
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Need: To improve 2ColConf we would like to know how it is used and how it does compared to the current conflict resolvent page


  • All following metrics should be collected together for each conflict and matchable to each other. Events should be in the order they happened in. So the format ideally would be:
  • If applicable, metrics should be collected for the old UI as well as for the 2ColConf
  • Infos on the conflict (for old and new version)
    • Namespace of page the conflict happened on (Q: "How does behavior on talkpages differ from articles?") | should be a STRING
    • Amount of conflicting text (as characters or words) (Q: "How does behavior differ between huge or small conflicts?") | should be a INTEGER
  • User behavior: (only partly applicable)
    • Text input actions to the Editor (could be just the amount of keypresses or +- editied) (Q: "Did people actually use the possibility to do edits in the editor?") | should be an INTEGER
    • Filters used (Q: "Do people use the filter options? Do they always switch to a particular one (which could be default then)"). Should be an ARRAY with STRING or possibly an ARRAY with OBJECTS with STRING and relative timestamp as INTEGER
  • Leaving the page : Do they… (for old and new version) | should be a STRING
    • Use the save button (Which would indicate the feature helped them)
    • Do they use the Cancel button
    • Do they navigate away via the browser (Back, Tab Close etc.)

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