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url parameters id and fields[] seem to conflict
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Tried to pass 3 different user parameter to the UW via url parameters. Several combinations of url parameters fail to work

  • id=…&id2=…&fields[]=… (escaped as id=…&id2=…&fields%5B%5D=…)
  • id=…&fields[]=…&fields[]=…
  • id=…&id2=…&id3=…

what finally worked was

  • &fields[]=…&fields[]=…&fields[]=…

so you cannot use both id and fields[].
id2 is not documented at all

see for the description which does not work as expected. Please check the implementation and correct the documentation.

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The implementation (SpecialUploadWizard::execute) is as follows:

		$fields = $req->getArray( 'fields' );
		$fieldDefaults = [];

		# Support id and id2 for field0 and field1
		# Legacy support for old URL structure. They override fields[]
		if ( $req->getText( 'id' ) ) {
			$fields[0] = $req->getText( 'id' );

		if ( $req->getText( 'id2' ) ) {
			$fields[1] = $req->getText( 'id2' );

		if ( $fields ) {
			foreach ( $fields as $index => $value ) {
				$fieldDefaults[$index]['initialValue'] = $value;

		UploadWizardConfig::setUrlSetting( 'fields', $fieldDefaults );


  • Using fields[] is preferred to using id and id2, which are said to be "legacy"
  • fields[] is checked first
  • If id is given, it is used instead of the first fields[] value
  • If id2 is given, it is used instead of the second fields[] value
  • There is no id3 and so on; there is no field[] (you used that in your second example)