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Create a repo in gerrit mediawiki/extensions/Pickle
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Should be something like (I get "Capability createProject is required to access this resource")

gerrit create-project --require-change-id --owner="user/John Erling Blad" --parent=extensions --description='"MediaWiki extension Pickle"' extensions/Pickle

or replace the owner with a more proper group, like a group extension-Pickle.

This repo will be an upstream repo for an existing one at GitHub,

Note that there is a request for rename the tag #Mediawiki-Extensions-Spec to MediaWiki-Extensions-Pickle

This task is also on mw:Git/New_repositories/Requests.

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jeblad triaged this task as Medium priority.Feb 15 2017, 8:23 AM

Repository creation requests need to be filed at instead of Phabricator, sorry.

(And if you want to rename some Phabricator tag, do it.)