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Bad value of euoffset causes items to be skipped
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The query|url&euquery=* tells me to use euoffset=11 and the next query should be|url&euquery=*

If I then correlate the output of the two queries above with|url&euquery=* , I find that an item is skipped.

<eu ns="3" title="User talk:NB" url="" />
<eu ns="3" title="User talk:Billykelaher" url="" />
<eu ns="6" title="Image:Macintosh HD-Users-Q-Desktop-images-raww.jpg" url="" />
<eu ns="6" title="Image:Macintosh HD-Users-Q-Desktop-Razor.jpg" url="" />
<eu ns="6" title="Image:P4054828.JPG" url="" />
<eu ns="6" title="Image:Tnf.gif" url="" />
<eu ns="1" title="Talk:Sophia Bush" url="" />
<eu ns="6" title="Image:Final02pg3.jpg" url="" />
<eu ns="6" title="Image:Mercedes benz t80+top view.jpg" url="" />
<eu ns="6" title="Image:Breraconvt.jpg" url="" />
<eu ns="6" title="Image:Ferrari 156.jpg" url="" /> <===== SKIPPED ITEM
<eu ns="6" title="Image:MercT80.jpg" url="" />
<eu ns="6" title="Image:Tipo 154.jpg" url="" />
<eu ns="6" title="Image:Maserati 5000 GT.jpg" url="" />
<eu ns="6" title="Image:Maserati450s1.jpg" url="" />
<eu ns="6" title="Image:Khamsin-01.jpg" url="" />
<eu ns="6" title="Image:PrinceofTennisPoster.png" url="" />
<eu ns="3" title="User talk:Brownsuga 1993" url="" />
<eu ns="4" title="Wikipedia:Help desk/Archives/2007 January 10" url="" />
<eu ns="3" title="User talk:VinceBowdren" url="" />
<eu ns="1" title="Talk:Swallows Wood" url="" />
. . .

The value of euoffset should increment by exactly the amount specified in eulimit, not one more.

Version: 1.13.x
Severity: normal



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The value of euoffset should increment by exactly the amount specified in
eulimit, not one more.

Well spotted, fixed in r33724. Apparently, this bug has existed ever since the introduction of list=exturlusage nine months ago, I'm amazed nobody noticed it before.