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MediaWiki:Defaultns should accept Wikicode
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I've just gone to my preferences page at (, if you're logged in), and the heading for the 'search in these namespaces by default' box contains the following text:

<br />Search in these namespaces by default:<br /><span style="font-size: 90%; font-weight: normal;"><i>(Note: To be most useful it is advised that you include 'Main', 'Help' and 'Manual' as a minimum.)</i></span>

This used to work fine, but it appears that this setting no longer accepts HTML markup.

This should probably be reverted.

Version: 1.12.x
Severity: normal



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Unfortunately that is not a solution, but a less-than-optimal workaround. There is now a really long heading for this box on the preferences page, where really we want the heading in bold and then a smaller note about recommended usage.

Why was this changed from accepting HTML? Is there are reason why it can't be changed back?

Mark. What you're asking here can be done without enabling HTML. HTML is disabled for security reasons. However, I believe what you're asking here is to enable "wikicode" for that message. I'm changing the question's summary now. Someone will take care of it sooner or later.

Yeah, I guess so. I'm assuming that wiki code for messages allows the same limited HTML markup (e.g. <div> tags) that are allowed for the main page text? If so then that is fine.

With r35531 'defaultns' moved from the legend of the fieldset into the fieldset as explanation text. Wikisyntax can now be used.
New message 'prefs-namespaces' for the legend

Tweak the search options a bit by adding a nice fieldset/legend (new message: 'prefs-searchoptions')