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Bump maximum number of fields to 5000 for wikidata indexes
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In ES 5, default maximum number of fields in index is 1000. This won't be enough for per-language index fields in wikidata, so we'd need to bump the maximum. 5000 seems like a good future-proof number - we have ~400 languages, and they need 3 fields for labels and ~2 fields for descriptions.

We should of course ensure bumping this max does not cause any trouble, but so far the indications are it doesn't.

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This isn't something we will need to do globally, rather in mediawiki-config we will need to set $wgCirrusSearchExtraIndexSettings['index.mapping.total_fields.limit'] = 5000; when the current wiki is wikidata.

I suppose we might also need a similar setting in vagrant so testing works as expected.

Smalyshev claimed this task.

Looks like we can do it directly in Wikibase patch.