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Updating from SemanticForms to PageForms > no more edit with form tab
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I've updated SemanticForms to PageForms and I can't see anymore the "edit with form" tab on a page with form.

How can I get that tab back ?

Using Mediawiki 1.27.1 and SemanticMediaWiki .2.4.6.

Thx !

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It appears on this wiki :

Try creating a new "Fiche Idée" here :

And after saving it, no tabs with "Edit with form" is shown.

Concerning the missing Tab: In your LocalSettings.php, did you account for the name-changes of the configuration settings, as well?

Here is an excerpt from the version history[0] of PageForms:

4.0 - November 1, 2016 - Extension renamed from "Semantic Forms" to "Page Forms"; all global variables renamed from "$sfg..." to "$wgPageForms..."; all hooks renamed from "sf..." to "PageForms::..."; support removed for MW 1.19 and 1.20; SMW special properties ("Has default form", "Has alternate form", etc.) removed; "category" and "categories" input types removed; "openlayers" input type is defined even if the Semantic Maps extension is installed; fix for the handling of unnamed/numbered template parameters; other fixes


Hi Oetterer and thx for the reply.

I've no global vars related to SemanticForms in my LocalSettings, sorry I forgot to say.
Is there a way for me to debug and see where the tab should be echoed and why it's not ?

@nderambure - I don't know where you put the #default_form call, but it should go here:

It looks like you're still using the old "Has default form" property there.

Thx Yaron_Koren for your tip.
I've changed this to {{default_form::Fiche Idée}} and it says now that the default_form value contains not allowed caracters.
And still no "Edit with form" tab : is that linked to the error above ?

EDIT : yes it seems : is there a way to rename the Form without breaking everything ?

Oops, shame on me ;)
But still no "Edit tab with form"...

Should I relaunch SMW_refreshData.php maybe ?

Ah, okay, this looks like a real problem. I'm guessing that there's a problem with #default_form with forms that contain non-ASCII characters - I never tested that. There's probably a way to fix it. SMW_refreshData.php wouldn't work - this doesn't use SMW.

Actually, I just tested this locally with non-ASCII characters, and it worked fine for me. So I don't know what the issue is.

Do you have some tip for helping me to debug this ? Is there a file where I should look in and var_dump some vars to see why this button is hidden ?

If you have access to the underlying DB, please call the following SQL and let me know what it outputs;

SELECT page_title, page_namespace
FROM page_props
JOIN page ON page_props.pp_page = page.page_id
WHERE pp_propname = 'PFDefaultForm'

Thx Yaron_Koren for your reply, the query you gave has no results.


I've rolled back to MW 1.26.4 and SMW with SemanticForms, and then I've updated first SemanticForms to PageForms and then update MW to 1.27.1.
And it works now ;) (your query has 1 result in this case).

My previous update process was updating MW to 1.27.1 first and THEN update SemanticForms to PageForms...
Maybe something hard to profile for debugging.
But now everything works perfectly.

Thx for your help anyway ! (and sorry for this non-bug).

Great! I doubt it was the update order per se, but maybe it was something related to that, like that the Page Forms update wasn't complete the first time. Who knows.