Way for anons to disable search box AJAX suggestions
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Author: lunasantin


Anon was requesting some way to disable to search suggestions without logging in (currently, logged-in users can disable this in Special:Prefences). Multiple people have suggested cookies as a possible solution, here.

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T29411: Search Suggest bugs (tracking)
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brion added a comment.Apr 29 2008, 8:14 PM

If we had general cookie-based preferences for anons this could get thrown in with them, but currently we don't really have anything set up for that.

The good news is that our new caching tweaks should allow such prefs, if/when they exist, to not interfere with general anonymous page view caches.

The bad news is there's not going to be a big rush to add them, probably.

brion added a comment.Aug 4 2008, 3:48 AM

There's no current plans to add such an anon preference, but you can of course log in and disable it there, along with all other site preferences.

No current plans != WONTFIX. Re-opening.

Bug 20151 blocks this bug.

Moving bug to Mediawiki product

Updated link:

Though I'm not sure how valuable this would be. It feels like those preferences we add because one person doesn't like the feature and finally now we are trying to eliminate them because the fact we have them actively makes preferences cluttered and hard to use.

Back to resolved/wontfix here given bug 52812.

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