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SVG image is rendered as black image
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Please see example:

This image is rendered as black image, although browsers (e.g Chrome/Firefox) render the original SVG file correctly.

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eranroz created this task.Feb 19 2017, 6:23 AM
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It seems to be rendering as black for me even though I'm running Chrome 56.0.2924.87:

It seems to be rendering as black for me even though I'm running Chrome 56.0.2924.87:

The generated png is black image (this is bug), but the original SVG is rendered correctly:

@eranroz Ah okay thanks for explaining, it makes sense now :-)

I have the same problem, it affects part of an image, and it doesn't matter whether or not there is a box in the area, that portion of the image becomes covered with a black box. The following image:
Has a large black box in the bottom left part of the image. The same image, viewed from
Does not have this black box in that spot. It does not matter whether there is a box there (which there was in the previous versions of the image) something causes the software to get some sort of a hard on to put a black box there even though one should not appear there.

Please read this section on the Help:SVG page. The problem is caused by the use of the non-standard flow elements, remove the flow elements and the black box will not be there.

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@Offnfopt , thank you for the comment. Indeed the SVG file includes non standard flowRoot. However, this is undeseriable behaviour: If there is problem with rendering due to non-standard flow elements (or other reason) it should should be indicated when uploading the image or when rendering it.
It might be possible to validate the SVG using the supported xmlns.

SVG files should be validated prior to being uploaded. When you validate the file to make sure it conforms to the SVG standard, a error is generated informing you the flow element is not allowed.

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