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Add tooltips on the different visual mode tools
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I have a feedback on my volunteer account from someone who don't understand what to do to add a source using the visual editor. He wants to quote a book, he sees the automated insertion field for references and is lost.

I was then thinking more globally about helping users on a step by step process. Did we ever had considered to have contextual help for those tools? Like tool-tips when you hover a small question mark icon?

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Something like T108620 and M74?

No. More like:

Capture d’écran_2017-02-20_17-25-37.png (255×507 px, 20 KB)

When you hover or click the question mark, you have some advice or access to a centralized help page.

Jdforrester-WMF subscribed.

There's no plausible place to put contextual help in inspectors – you've picked the only inspector that doesn't have a primary button, so it looks like there's room on desktop, but there's not in the current design on desktop, and there's far less room on mobile (where this is more acute). Let's think of wider options?