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Text cursor not always blinking normally (Windows only?)
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open page in VisualEditor's wikitext mode, and press Enter to create a new line.
  2. Type a few letters.
  3. Highlight something else on the page and press Control-c to copy it.
  4. Click back at the end of the few letters you typed in Step #2 (as if to paste the newly copied text after it).
  5. See that the text cursor isn't blinking. It may be on (and therefore visible but not blinking) or off (and therefore not visible).

Original report at from @Sunpriat who was running Windows 10 and the then-latest Firefox dev edition and Chrome 58.0.3013.5 dev 64.

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I'm unable to reproduce this today in either Safari 10 or Firefox 51 on macOS Sierra 10.12.3, which is the basis for my suspiscion that it may be a Windows-only bug..

chrome 57.0.2987.74 beta (64-bit)Википедия:Технические_запросы

  • click edit a section,
  • add at the end of the new line and write "** text " (with a space at the end)
  • switch to another browser tab, switch back to the editor
  • click on a blank space after "** tex t" and the cursor stops blinking or disappears.
  • If you click exactly after the space "** text |" the cursor appears again and begins to blink.
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