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upload wizard adds {{location}} instead of {{object location}} templates
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We need a mechanism to pass object location via url-parameter to the UW. How can this be achieved?
Object location are given in many lists - camera location cannot be given for unknown images!

There are some known workarounds (bots adding object location as extracted from the lists):

  • Erfgoedbot adds object location to images assigned to WLM lists objects async (see T72437)
  • Krdbot does the same for images in Austrian WLM lists objects. (kind of duplicate work for the Austrian monument lists in the WP:de)

But this does not cover all the lists.

example lists not covered:

(see the small camera icon = tailored upload button, taking coordinates from template args Breitengrad & Längengrad (= object location))

Passing object location via url-parameters lat & lon does not work:

  • these are overwritten by Exif location (and thus get lost)
  • if there is no exif location, lat & lon end in the location template, which is wrong

I tried a bit to pass object location differently:
and (using the UW acc. to the former campaign)

passing the object location is clumsy and it is put to a less optimal position inside the information template (should be below). I did not manage to put it after the information template with given UW parameters.

So what would be the proper solution (in case of lists like WLM):
object location can be passed by URL-parameters
camera location can be extracted from Exif data (or eventually given during upload?)
Both locations might be missing independently.

To not break the interface, I propose to add another set of lat / lon for object location and change the UW urls in the list templates accordingly.

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Hello all, just wanted to hop in and offer a quick thought about how to accomplish the goal of the original reporter, possibly without touching UploadWizard.

As a few people who worked with me on the new upload dialogs know, I built them specifically to be used as a base for many tools, which tools could be used for many purposes. My hope was that campaigns could eventually use the base library to do anything they needed. I think the current state of campaign support in the dialog library is basically nil, but if we decide that's the path forward, it shouldn't be too hard to set up. The only change will be the lack of first-class support in the UploadWizard software - campaigns will essentially move to a user-managed, gadget-based system. This should afford much more flexibility.

But I'm not really certain what the best option is here, so I'm going to dump this on the pile of things that need some design attention, and see what comes out the other end.