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Refactor SocialProfile UserSecurity dropdown fields in Special:UpdateProfile to use OOUI widgets instead
Open, Needs TriagePublic


Currently the way they're written it's basically a hack. Not only that, what we could use is already provided by OOUI; we should eventually get around to refactoring and converting these dropdowns into an OOUI widget. There's multiple options we can use which are:

  • RadioSelectInputWidget (Radio buttons)
  • DropdownInputWidget (dropdown menus)
  • ButtonSelectWidget (a group for multiple buttons which acts like a button toggle group); There's also ButtonGroupWidget but I'm not actually sure what the difference is. (There seems to be a few minor differences but they seem to operate almost the same functionality-wise?)

There's multiple options we can go from and although I don't have much time to write a proper reply for design input, my opinion is basically TL;DR a dropdown menu would be the best route simply because screen estate is precious. Thoughts @ashley @Isarra ?