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SocialProfile Special:RemoveAvatar should display a reason field after entering a person's username and log it to Special:Log/avatar
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This is dependent on the current parent task T146606 since currently, the action is logged as the reason, e.g:

06:24, February 21, 2017 SamanthaNguyen (talk | contribs | block) (deleted SamanthaNguyen's avatar)

It's nice for people to be able to know why their avatar was removed and also as a track record for people with special rights to make sure they're not abusing it. A reason field would allow someone e.g an admin to say something like "The avatar was inappropriate" or privacy concerns. This should only be given to those with right-avatarremove privileges since it'd be dumb to have a reason field for when you want to remove your own avatar specifically.

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I wanna note for the record that right now the average user can't exactly easily remove their own avatar. They can upload a new avatar over the old one and the new one can be a literal copy of SocialProfile's default avatars, but the Special:RemoveAvatar special page is restricted to users who have the avatarremove user right (usually sysops). I think it would make sense to allow ordinary users to remove their own avatars via Special:RemoveAvatar: it would be

  1. easier for the user and also
  2. it'd be easier on the file system since RemoveAvatar removes all copies of the user's avatars and forces SP to use the default avatar images for the user

However, in addition to the obvious backend tweaks needed, this'd require some UI changes because we'd want to advertise RemoveAvatar in the appropriate places in the UI: profile pages, Special:UploadAvatar, UserWelcome...

All that being said, I like this idea as well as making RemoveAvatar usable by everyone with a custom avatar.

Ah thanks, I wasn't aware that users can't currently remove their own avatar via Special:RemoveAvatar. I'll make that as a subtask of this task. :-)