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Handling typo fixes in Gettext messages is tedious
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Just 6 typo fixes require quite a bit of tedious Special:ReplaceText work:

The most boring/time-consuming part for me is to manually scan Special:ManageMessageGroups for corresponding messages and message keys (in order to copy-and-paste them into Special:ReplaceText), and then to reload to check I'm doing as few changes as possible. For new/third party wiki administrators, however, it may also be confusing to use two separate special pages for a routine work.

I think we can quickly code a couple simple improvements for Special:ManageMessageGroups, such as:

  • list all the changes to the source language first, sorted by message key;
  • add a checkbox+text field "this is a key rename (from key: ___)" which, if selected/filled, will automatically trigger the usual renames without a need to separately open Special:ReplaceText.

Niklas wrote about Gettext in but I think it's useful to track the Translate-related aspects.

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