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More clearly described Notification options in Preferences
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Initial request: Translatewiki

I think that notification options in user's preferences should be more clearly described (translated). I suppose it's kind of hard for an average user to figure it out what particular option actually means. Even with description behind the question mark I hardly know what the option is about. Is it possible to make it more "description (longer) way", like:

  • Someone leaves me a message on my talk page
  • Someone thanks me for my edit
  • Translations (what exactly is the purpose of this?)
  • Someone mentions me with a link to my user page
  • My mention of someone is not sent (for what reasons?)
  • My mention of someone is sent
  • Page link (what happens here?)
  • Someone reviews a page I've created (what does "review" mean?)
  • Someone changes my user rights
  • Someone reverts my edit
  • Someone sends me an e-mail
  • Education Program

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I would favor expanding the help text in the tool-tips over expanding the labels. Keeping them short gives us the option to present them on mobile and other small-screen contexts.

Hi @kostajh, I'll like to work on this issue.
I have set up the Wikimedia core repo and also the Echo extension.
Do we need to only make changes in the description of i18n\en.json only?

Hello @Shivanshbindal9, I apologize but I meant to unlist this task a microtask. The reason is that the expanded descriptions need to be written before we can implement the updates. If and when that happens, I'll re-list this task.

We will work on this next Fiscal Year, because we believe updating language will help users navigate their preferences.