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New namespace aliases for Italian Wikiversity
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Hi, the following table lists existing namespaces on<br />
Requested aliases are in the column on the right.

User talkDicussioni utenteDU
Project talkDiscussioni WikiversitàDWV
File talkDiscussioni file-
MediaWiki talkDiscussioni MediaWiki-
Template talkDiscussioni TemplateDT
Help talkDiscussioni aiutoDA
Category talkDiscussioni categoriaDCAT
-Discussioni areaDAREA
-Discussioni corsoDC
-Discussioni materiaDM
-Discussioni dipartimentoDDIP
-Discussioni modulo-
-Discussioni accessorio-
-Definizione accessorio-
-Discussioni definizione accessorio-

The request has been discussed here and is supported by the local community.

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Urbanecm triaged this task as Medium priority.Feb 22 2017, 8:51 PM

Thank you for your request! There are three aliases which can't be set up because they are let's say reserved for another purpose (interwiki links for now). List of those aliases follows together with the project they are link to.

  • DA (Danish version of Wikiversity)
  • C (Wikimedia Commons)
  • M (Meta Wiki)

You have to change this aliases to another which won't conflict.

Change 339348 had a related patch set uploaded (by Urbanecm):
New namespace aliases for itwikiversity

Thank you Urbanecm! Sorry, I forgot about possible conflicts. I would suggest:

Help talkDiscussioni aiutoDH
-MateriaMA or MAT
-Discussioni materiaDMA or DMAT

Thank you. I've updated the patch so it reflect new aliases. The patch will be deployed at Monday between 14:00 and 15:00 UTC.

Change 339348 merged by jenkins-bot:
New namespace aliases for itwikiversity

Unrelated but there was one wrong link which I fixed:

$ mwscript namespaceDupes.php --wiki=itwikiversity --fix
0 pages to fix, 0 were resolvable.

pagelinks from=33 ns=0 dbk=Wikiversità:Bot -> Wikiversità:Bot
1 links to fix, 1 were resolvable.

Looks good!

After I have deployed the change on a work machine, two links have been fixed:

$ mwscript namespaceDupes.php --wiki=itwikiversity -fix
0 pages to fix, 0 were resolvable.

pagelinks from=16476 ns=0 dbk=T:Immagine_sinottico -> Template:Immagine_sinottico DRY RUN
pagelinks from=16478 ns=0 dbk=T:Immagine_sinottico -> Template:Immagine_sinottico DRY RUN
2 links to fix, 2 were resolvable.

Looks good!

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2017-02-27T14:29:18Z] <hashar@tin> Synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php: New namespace aliases for itwikiversity - T158775 (duration: 00m 43s)

I'm so sorry I have not done on purpose when I saved the comment marked the two removed tags and thought that they had been removed automatically. Even now that I saved the comment was to remove them again because it opened me the tag bar with just one and not all.

No worries! It is surprisingly easy to drop several tags in the Phabricator list, it often happens to me :-]

Enjoy the new namespace aliases!

I'm sorry to bother you once more, but we didn't notice this earlier: setting UT in the place of DU (as per request) is inconsistent with the remaning talk namespaces; related aliases have been labeled D (for Italian discussione). Actually UT has never been used in wikilinks, except once or twice in this page for the purpose of discussing this issue. Local community consensus as linked above was for requesting DU, not UT.