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Printable version link not properly formatted with Modern skin
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The "printable version" link (adding printable=yes to the query string) is meant to activate the print stylesheet for on-screen display.

On the Modern skin, this isn't working correctly. While many UI elements correctly disappear, the background, borders, sidebar, fonts etc are still all there as the on-screen display.

An actual print preview shows a nice spare "print look", which may indicate that this skin is using its own @media print overrides.

(Tested in Firefox 3.0b5)

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proposed patch

patch to add new rules in print.css, tested in Minefield (i.e. Firefox) 3.0b5 and Firefox

Maybe modern skin should also load skins/common/commonPrint.css like monobook does.


Aha! Figured it out and fixed in r34058.

Problem was that the Modern skin uses a different way of setting up the print stylesheet from the other skins.


  • always include main stylesheet
  • override that stuff with print stylesheet for print media or ?printable=yes


  • include main stylesheet for screen & projection media only
  • add some additional print styles for print media or ?printable=yes

The screen stylesheet was still being used when ?printable=yes is set, but would be hidden when actually printing. I've changed it to now exclude the screen stylesheets when ?printable=yes is switched in, so it looks the same on screen as when actually printing.