Pressing Backspace causes the page to abruptly scroll up (in Chrome on Android)
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On Android, Chrome, mobile view, editing any wikimedia page, using backspace or cut for deleting text, makes the screen scroll up to almost top of page. For example, I try to edit top paragraph, backspace to delete the dot on the end scrolls me back to | class... in the infobox.

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Did you try other device? Other browser?

I tried safari and firefox and it didn't happen.
I tried Chrome on Samsung J5 and One Plus 2 and it happened.
I tried Chrome on IPAD and it didn't happen.
I tried Chrome on my laptop with m. in the url and it didnwt happen.

Meaning, you saw it on Chrome only, on multiple devices?

Well, apparently, it's always Chrome...

I tried 3 random phones in three random articles and all of them made this bug consistently. Can't you find an android with Chrome and try it yourself?

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Sorry, I can't.
Wait, it's on Android only?

Chrome on laptop and IPad didn't have this bug.

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Ok. It's Chrome only and Android only. What about different Android versions?

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The phones I tried are 4.4.4 and 6.0.1

Just bought Galaxy s6, Android 6.0.1, Chrome acts OK on this phone, couldn't reproduce the bug.

The bug just happened on my Galaxy S6.

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Since is a normal article page, I doubt this has anything to do with CodeEditor, which is specifically, and only for editing javascript pages and the like. Likely it's the Mobile editor for wikisource, which would make it the purview of MobileFrontend and Contributors-Team

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Hello, this is not an isolated problem. Some Francophone contributors complained of similar problems. Here's what I was able to gather.

Someone encountered the problem with the device Orange-Rise, on Android 6.0 with Chrome, version : 64.0.3282.137.

Two other people encountered the problem, only one person answered me. He encountered the problem on Android 5.1.0, with Chrome 65.0.3325.109, the device is Orange Dive 30 Build/LMY47D.

I also had the same problem with a One Plus 3, with Chrome, on Android 8.0. Today, it doesn't seem to be there anymore, so I don't know if it has been corrected.